WPCasa Mail Alert Pro

WP Casa Mail-Alert Pro to add to your real estate website a Widget that allows your visitors to receive an alert by email when you add or modify a well matching their search criteria.

WPCasa Mail - Alert Pro works with the plugin WP Casa of WPSight Thus as with the WPCasa Mail-Alert plugin available free on the official repository WordPress.

What are the prerequisites to install WPCasa Mail Alert Pro?

WPCasa Mail Alert Pro requires WPCasa and WPCasa Mail Alert to operate.

Can I use WPCasa Mail Alert Pro on WordPress.com?

No. Only on facilities auto-hébergées WordPress.

What advantage with the Pro compared to the free version?

Features and support.

For the "Free" version, I provided no guarantee of response time limited support.

For the "Pro" version support is included, a question = answer. A bug = a solution.

The pro version of WPCasa Mail Alert Board also additional filters.

I have the Pro version and I need an improvement of the plugin!

Ask, I'll see what I can do 😉

Is it possible to add the form to a page or article?

Yes! Just use the Short code (SHORTCODE) [Wpcasa-mail-alert] which takes an optional "title" argument.

Example: [Wpcasa-mail-Alert title = "My Alert"]

If I am not satisfied, are you there a refund policy?

Yes! Everyone has the right to be wrong or to change your mind!

So you have 30 days counted from the date of purchase to request a refund.

What happens you there if I do not renew my license?

Nothing! or almost 😉

You just won't have access to the support or updates.

How long is my license valid?

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, licences are valid for one year (365 days).

I have a problem, is there any assistance?

Yes, it's the premium license principle that gives you the right to updates and support.

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