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Follow this Awin doc to find it:
[Awin Doc ]

Awin Partner Code

This is the program feed ID you’re onrolled on.
[Awin Doc ]

To Find it, Log in your Awin account then in the menu Links and Tools –> Create-a-Feed.

You’ll find a link giving a csv file. Open it and find the Feed ID you’re looking for.

Copy in the field all the partner Feed ID you want separated by a comma.

Awin Partner Logo

For each partner code added, an input field will appear after saving change.

Simply upload a logo in your WordPress Media Library then copy and paste the URL.

Awin Trademark Code

On certain partner, you should find some trademark, you know you won’t work with so… why adding their product in the field?!

The simpliest way to find these codes is to create a data feed link

[Awin Doc]

Create Your Feed and in the URL given, copy the codes after the ‘/bid/’ part.

**Example**: On this URL

Simply copy & paste 50661,63245,65619,67963

You can of course customize each trade mark for each partners.

Awin Customer Code

You’ll find it on your Awin Dashboard in top right near your name.

Cron Schedule

Each day, this plugin will download and extract in the database all products from the feeds. It can take times… depends on how many partners, trademark and products to store in DB.

You’re ready !

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