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Main Shortcode


This shortcode will allow you to display product from the ASIN (Amazon) in different layout.


  • type: “basic” (by default), “table” or “reviews” (since 2.0.6) 
  • product: Asin code 
  • partners: “ok” to displays all partners or “nok” to display only Amazon
  • options: “reviews” (since 2.0.6)


[cap type='basic' product='B008DCOW6A' partners='ok']

will display:


[cap type='basic' product='B008DCOW6A' partners='ok']

will generate:

Basic Shortcode

** Deprecated since  2.0.0 ** use [cap] instead 

If you’re using Compare affiliated produts without AAWP then you’ll like to use it with a shortcode to show in your content products and prices in different e-shop.
The main shortcode is

  • product: add the EAN13 code of the product you want to show.
  • layout: future feature, for the moment the shortcode layout is horizontal.
  • partner: The main partner to get the image, the title and the description from the db.

[compare_basic_sc product=’0810009030003′ partner=’cdiscount’]

To find an EAN, please use this tool:

Simply copy the Amazon ASIN (amazon code product. ie: B076X4KH11)

Table Shortcode

** Deprecated since  2.0.0 ** use [cap] instead 


This Shortcode allow you to display a table with:

  • Price
  • Partner Logo
  • Partner name
  • button to the partners url.

It accepts only one parameters which is:

  • product: accept EAN13 or ASIN code from Amazon.
Easily add price comparison on your pages
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